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Capshun meh II weiners

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Or just the ppl who sent in ideas 😕

Here goes, in no particular order. Thx fer ur submissions!


Above capshun by: Raisedbyacat


Above capshun by: Jamie


Above capshun by: Rama

  Thx guys, those are awesum! Enjoy yer fame! I appreciate ur time. Keep spreading the LOLZ


hey, even the victory lane

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Congrats Denny, you beat 42 other drivers and Mother Nature to get to the finish!!

This robotic Kurt

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Capshun meh II reminder

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Remembers…send in ur ideas for Capshun Meh II. How can u pass up dis oppurtoonity for fame, and fortune and, well,  for fame? I be lookin for emails til teh green flag waves at Martinsville, den I will post da winner on Monday.



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Ah 1

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Ok, I swares Im not even close to 75 years old or anything, but whens I saw dis pic, all I could think of was Lawrence Welk. You be the judge!


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ZOMG, I just realized I had wrong email addy in the capshun meh post. Ima dork. 😳

Sry, correct addy is in there nao!