Capshun meh II

Okayz, heres how it werks…I’m posting a new pic, u need to capshun it. Send ur suggestions to meh:  Send me a compleeted LOLpic, or send me ur capshun and I’ll make it fer u. I and my staff will go over the 10’s of thousands several submissions received and choose da funneest an post it. Be creative, have funs, make us all LOL, k?

Let’s begin, shall we???


Oh, an lets put a time limit on it, say…race day? Send in ur LOLz for dis pic by green flag on Sunday, March 30 and I will post winner(s) later Sunday or Monday.

K, thxbai 😛



One Response to “Capshun meh II”

  1. […] meh II reminder Remembers…send in ur ideas for Capshun Meh II. How can u pass up dis oppurtoonity for fame, and fortune and, well,  for fame? I be lookin for […]

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