Ah 1


Ok, I swares Im not even close to 75 years old or anything, but whens I saw dis pic, all I could think of was Lawrence Welk. You be the judge!


6 Responses to “Ah 1”

  1. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Yeah- you are right there…

  2. Okz…glad sumwon got it, lolz!

  3. I’m confused with that caption!

  4. Iz ok luv…if you clicky on teh link (‘you be the judge’) you get a picture of Lawrence Welk…and well, hes an old guy conducting a band and he always says “Ah one and Ah two” before he starts teh song. Most peeple prolly don get it, unless u know who lawrence welk is and whut he says….

  5. Oh okay I see what you mean now, thanks for letting me know about that:D

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you’re able to segment your XML feed by post cateegory. I would like to save it to my rss reader but I’m not sure if there is a dedicated url for this or if it’s simply a sytanx that I can add in order to accomplish this?

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