Damn I’m Good

’nuff said.

10 Responses to “Damn I’m Good”

  1. Just saw you on ICHC — funny idea! Great Job!

  2. Fanks for stoppin by!

  3. I have the same signed photo. Do you know what year or anyyhing more about this photo? Was this photo mass-produced? Thank you for any help.

  4. Sorry Kyle,
    I dont have any info on this pic, I just got it off the internet. I don’t really have any suggestions of where to turn for info, but thanks for visiting my site. Keep on LOLing!

  5. AlwaysEARNHARDT Says:

    It has to be early 80s. It was mass produced Ive got 2 copies from 2 different places a couple years apart.Hope this helps

  6. FYI. It was 1979 at Darlington. He was driving for Rod Osterland. And there were thousands of those printed.

  7. phillip edge Says:

    i have a poster with this pic that my dad gave me bout 10 years ago im 20 now i was wondering how much it may be worth its still in the plastic wrap never been opened i have a slew of nascar stuff from 74′ to 93 n i cant find ne where that i can find out how much they are worth mostly trading cards and 3 race anuuales from 74-78 from the 16th n 18th anuual wilks 400 if ne body has ne advise please feel free to email me at phillipedge@yahoo.com

  8. Billy Harrison Says:

    I would like to know how much a picture like this one would cost

  9. I have the same auto pic…..how much is it worth?

  10. funny comedy show…

    […]Damn I’m Good « lolNASCAR[…]…

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