5 dollar footlong

                                                 pic: LOLbrary          capshun: JW

Thank you JW for sending in the funneh LOL.

As I was saving it and doing all those important admin dooties…that LOL inspired me. It inspired me to waste moar time than usual and dis is what I came up with….first I did:  and then I came up with:  and then:  

That wun was OK…but then I did:  and I thought was purty good…til:

and still, i wuz like “meh” not bad. Then I found dis pic:   an thought it was purfect positioning, no?

NEways, can ya tell I had some free time todai? Fanks for teh inspiration JW, was fun! Final pic:

Oh and for the record, i think dat this marketing campaign is LAME!! LOLz!!


6 Responses to “5 dollar footlong”

  1. raisedbyacat Says:

    lousy ad campaign, funny lols!

  2. Hahaha, the Lolz are great! Especially the 15$ 3 Foot Long.

  3. JW, thanks but urs started it all! Can ya tell I had sum time on my hands? lol.

  4. HappyLuver123 Says:

    LUV the $15 3 foot long!

  5. Hey can I use one of your pictures as an intro for my youtube video?? please and thanks you… 😉

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