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i’m trying

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this pic was MEANT for a snarky comment…but I was feelin generous.

Anyone else got one? 😉

third verse

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Hope u guys sing better than Jimmeh!


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Good luck in da 14 Tony!

Brickyard Nom

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Mmm mmm, bricks!


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not too close

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Relax Mike, he’s a pro!

whaddaya mean

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OMG…its Digger

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Poor lil’ feller 😥

man’s. best. friend.

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Vote earleh, vote offen

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Ok, so you can rlly only vote once (unless you sign on to a multitood of computers like ur work one, ur laptop, ur desktop, ur sweeties puter, ur mom’s puter, ur dorky neighbors Commadore 64, u get teh picture, wink wink nudge nudge)…but please, for the luv of LOLz, check this out an vote 4 me!

The peeps at ICHC have a new baby blog. (aww, hows cute!) It’s called and it’s a ‘separated at birth?’ theme. I submitted my Kyle Busch/Ed Grimley pics after I post it here and it’s on the voting page!1!! They don’t have a direct link to the picture, so when you visit the vote page you may need to scroll thru a few, but it will be worth it, I swears!! Those peeps are teh funnnneh!!!

If I get enuff votes, my ‘totallylookslike’ gets moved to the front page!!

Ok…here ya go: vote page

fanks 🙂