shucking frub

 First off, sry this race winner lolpic is late…I have good excoose, I swears. Secondly…here’s teh deal: I tries to be unbiased (uh, sorta) in posting pics. I tries to be congratulatory to said winner. I tries…most of teh time! 😉


But dis Daytona race, well I had vested interest in a certain other driver winning…maybe the one who led the most laps…maybeeeee that driver met some one this past weekend who gave him a special good luck charm to win….mmmmmmaayyyybbbbeeee it was a certain Make a Wish child I happen to know quite personally.

Maybe it he was supposed to win for my daughter…maybe.



2 Responses to “shucking frub”

  1. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    I don’t think Kyle was supposed to win either… not this race, not this way. All I can say is I hope his fans out there are happy…

  2. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Not throw a race! it just would have been nice if that driver won. And Jeff didn’t “lose it”, he was helped.

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