In this corner…

Ohai! You see the exciting news story from Nascar garage yesterday, right?



12 Responses to “In this corner…”

  1. this is hilarious! I soooo want to show everyone! LOL

  2. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    I love it! Poor Pans- er, Carl, is never gonna live that down! hahaha

    Especially the “he didn’t wreck me” “shut up jimmie”… that is too funny

  3. That’s awesome, you mind if I put that on both my blogs?

  4. heehee, glad u guys like it. U can use it, just put some linkage back. 😀

  5. TonyDontShave Says:

    Love this! I have watched it repeatedly and laughed every time!

  6. RowdyFan18 Says:

    This is amazing! I LOL’d at my desk at work.

  7. Iz amazin what u can do with too much time on ur hands, lolz.

  8. Bobby Isaac Says:

    i loses it at the part when it switches to happy and ” yes i did ” masterspieces

  9. O noes Bobby, I dunno why u can’t see the whole thing. You’re missin bout 5 more pics 😥
    Did you try to clicky on the title an watch on it’s own page?

  10. Bobby Isaac Says:

    nos i can see the whole thingy, it’s just at that moment is when i lose it with LOL’s

    i loses it = unconrotled laughs

  11. Ooooooohhh, i gets it now. 😳
    Litlol slow on da uptake.

  12. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    That’s okay, lolnascar- we’ll keep you around… I’d hate to see all that creative genius go to waste! 😉

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