I can has 5 dollar foot long?

Capshun by Linnea

Shure Smoke, u want chips and diet coke wit that?


6 Responses to “I can has 5 dollar foot long?”

  1. Lol, reminds of him climbing the fence in the Subway commercial, hey smoke, take Jared’s advice!!

  2. Mebbe he starts new season with new Smoke too? Then he’ll feel like climbin fences again.

  3. lol, maybe. Maybe Jared should pay him a visit and show him the jeans he shows everyone in the TV commercial.

  4. iwantthe88 Says:

    That is what Tony says to his ladies, for 5 dollars you can have a foot long.

  5. iwantthe88 Says:

    Ok maybe 6 inches. lol

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