Jeff Burton leading last 20 laps


 Ok people in the booth…we know, she’s an emotional and devoted wife. We get it already! 

BTW, congratz jeff


4 Responses to “Jeff Burton leading last 20 laps”

  1. I agree there, I mean, they never show Jimmie’s wife (when she’s there) if he wins.

  2. As soon as he takes the lead, i says, oh no, they gonna show her cryin again…and sure’nuff, there she is 😥
    If I were her, i’d be mad i’m always shown cryin, lol!!

  3. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Kim is just so adorable- I love how excited she gets when Jeff wins…
    True Corinne, but think of how often Jimmie wins… too much Chandra would get old after a while… but seriously you have a point- Jeff’s daughter Ella almost gets more air time.

  4. Yeah true, Jimmie does win more, lol imagine if it was Kim who had to kiss the bricks at Indy, there’d be tear drops on the bricks as well.

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