In this corner, part 2

Hai! I was gone fer few days an missed the fight pics when they furst got released. Thanks to sum loyal LOLlers, you can has brawlol pics 😀

Capshun above Happy2917

Capshun by Bobby Issac

Capshun also by Bobby Isaac


5 Responses to “In this corner, part 2”

  1. raisedbyacat Says:

    … Wut? I missed somfin…

  2. Bobby Isaac Says:

    yes all this happened during last weekend GNS practce, even dented happy’s kar when car got psuhed on it, all this drama ended with flppa in head lock for all you nascar news 😆

  3. raisedbyacat Says:

    Ah, practice- dat’s why I missed it…

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