$#@!ing tire

Capshun by Corrine

hmmm, i wonder if all these LOLz with Jr. swearing are getting old? Ah, f%#$ no! I loves a good F-bomb myself 😆 Besides, in dis pic, i think he really is saying that. Look at his face.


7 Responses to “$#@!ing tire”

  1. Bobby Isaac Says:

    ………..LOLOLOLOLOL…………. funyz buts i still b feelin bads fer junor

  2. I felt bad for him too, but the way he was looking at that tire, his expression just read in bold letters “f-bomb” – I don’t think they’re getting old at all. We all know he does it, so why not play off it? Lol

  3. I just noticed, he’s looking at the tire like it’s gonna talk back to him or something.

  4. Tire to Jr: “Sorry man, I couldn’t take the pressure.”

  5. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Good one lolnascar…
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone glare at something with such malice- it’s kinda scary…

  6. Bobby Isaac Says:

    sounds like anotherz animate lol, junr vs tyre

    i’m sre thiz weekend will b makings some drma

    by the wayz haz anyone hurd that GM might b bying chrysler ?

  7. iwantthe88 Says:

    Jr talking to the tire: Glad it was only this rubber that blew.

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