In this corner, part 3

A few moar fite pics to close out this week…Thanks guys!!

Capshun by Bobby Isaac

Capshun by Corrine

Capshun by Brett


5 Responses to “In this corner, part 3”

  1. raisedbyacat Says:

    dijoo get mai email, lolnascar?

  2. I got one on the 14th with maybe 7 pics, but no fite pics. Mebee resend?

  3. raisedbyacat Says:

    dat’s teh one. jus checkin, cause I didn’t get a response.

  4. Ok, den I got em! Been getting moar reader submissions (yays!) so may just take littlol moar time to get them up.

    Fanks eberyone for the LOLz…I luv em!

  5. And we love reading them!!

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