It speaks and ur daily LOL

Ohai guys! Just wanted to give you a littlol shout from LOL-HQ. I cannut beleeve that the race seasun is almost over. OMGWTF? Seems like just yesterday I wuz sittin in teh Chili’s with my fambly, jokin bout makin a blog for the drivers based on ICHC an now heer it is over 9 months and over 50,000 clicks latur…voila! Okays, i don want to get awl mushy on ya..just sayin. Really, i just wanted to let yas know that I ‘preciate all the clickies, commints, and submisshuns of LOLz. Please know that i am saving eberyone of those subbmisshuns an even if you havent seen urs up…i still have it. Im tryin to keep teh LOLstock up for the off-seasun, soooo some of teh LOLz that arent relatin to somethin goin on rite now in nascar maybe be used latur on when nuttins going on in nascar. Make sence? Thx foar ur unnerstandings.
Kthx. Lola.

Okays, on to ur reglarly skeduled LOL…

Capshun by Jen

One Response to “It speaks and ur daily LOL”

  1. iwantthe88 Says:

    Heard over Jr’s radio:

    Tony Jr: Yeah
    Jr: I NEED HELP.
    Tony Jr: With what?

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