Jimmeh, he’s got a gun!!



Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?


10 Responses to “Jimmeh, he’s got a gun!!”

  1. The guy at the bottom is saying it all with his fingers, LOSER.

  2. Is it just me or does Carl in a cowboy hat not look right?

  3. I have never seen Mr Ed wear a hat.

  4. Me either, other than when he’s won a race and has to do the hat dance. Even then it doesn’t look right.

  5. raisedbyacat Says:

    Flipper’s gotta gun… doo doo doo doo-dooooo doo-doo…

  6. Is that Aerosmith ur referencing? Cuz that sure beats the ear worm I keep getting when i see the capshun…and Im sure im totally dating myself…but, you ever hear that lame song that goes like this: “everybody run, the homecoming queen has a gun…”

    And if by chance you have heard of it…i hopes u keep hearin it in ur head like I am…muaahahahahaha!!!

  7. raisedbyacat Says:

    Yup, Aerosmith ref. tink i have a extra “doo” in da beginnin tho.

    An nebber heard teh hoemcomin queen song. so dere. :p

  8. Mostly every driver who wins at Texas looks horrible in those cowboy hats, it’s the hat, not the driver.

  9. michelle, they make up for the lameness of the hat by holding 2 guns…lolz. U laffin at me? i has a gun!

  10. and I know how to use it!! Well kinda, maybe, ok not really, but it makes me look cool.

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