Dear Goodyear,



6 Responses to “Dear Goodyear,”

  1. I want the 88 Says:

    PS: You can give Jimmie my old tires.

  2. PS akshully give them to Tony Stewart

  3. Ha, you both missed the perfect marks…send those ol’ tires over to JGR!! I hear Shrubbie likes to drive loose cars.

  4. No, you can f$#@ing give them to Vile Kyle. Lol, Jr’s cussing never grows old!

  5. You’re a bunch of bad kids… you should just give them to Michael Waltrip… then he can go wreck Kyle, Jimmeh, Smokey, and Jeffie… and on bad tiers he would have an excuse better than “my bad”…

    ha! I’m rude!!

  6. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Hey, no wrecking Jimmie or Jeff..

    If Goodyear doesn’t respond, he can always write to santa ;D

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