Another season


Dont be so sure Superman… there r forces working against u.


6 Responses to “Another season”

  1. NOSaholic18 Says:

    thats wat he thinks

  2. lol, i think a 4pete would be too much.. i like jimmie but i would like to see someone else win for a change.. like Gordon for sayy..

  3. I like Jeff, but he too has already had his time to shine. Let’s let someone else get it this time around.

    Congrats boys, but it’s time to move on now.

  4. i say jimmie is done. let someone else win, come on!

  5. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    No, as much as I love Jimmie, and as much as I’d love him to win about 5 more titles, I think he can take a year off… Jeff has had his glory years, but I think he still has it in him to win… and there’s always Jr… Jimmie can take it in 2010 😉

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