New LOLpage coming soon!!

I gots an idea, think it mite be fun…stay tuned.


14 Responses to “New LOLpage coming soon!!”

  1. I gots an idea too! ill let ya know how it goes..

  2. raisedbyacat Says:


  3. ooo i wonder what it is……….

  4. I has another idea! you should have a weekly poll.

  5. and like weekly questions about, well, NASCAR!

  6. Hmmm..good suggestion. And the winner could get a…. a….Kyle Busch voodoo doll?? 😆

  7. HAHAHA i’m all for it!!

  8. nah, just braggin rights.. but it has to be a difficult question only a real NASCAR fan would know.

  9. nother brain storm!! you should do the “Capshun Meh” thing again!

  10. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    I want a kyle voodoo doll!

    yes I’m still mad about chicagoland…

  11. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Maybe I’ll make one. But that would be creepy… “Watcha doin?” “Making a voodoo doll”… … … awkweird…

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