Hmm, this cup thing



17 Responses to “Hmm, this cup thing”

  1. He should have thought about that a little sooner. Also, should have stayed in ARCA for a lot longer.

  2. yeah he is gonna be another David Gilliand… win one Nationwide race and put him in a cup ride.. then, suck at every race.. (no fence to any Gilliand fans but he isnt that good)

  3. Now one driver that has shown improvement is Brad Keselowski, granted he’s not up there with the big boys, but he did finish 3rd in the Nationwide Series last year. Loaf of Bread (he sure ain’t sliced) finished behind him and at the one race (I forget which one) Brad finished down one lap and in the top 20, Loaf of Bread finished down 4 laps and further back than Brad. So where do these commentators and everyone else come off saying that Joey Logano is so great? Beats me.

  4. I dont call him sliced bread, I call him burnt toast.. or at least after Daytona he will be burnt toast.. lol

  5. Lol, I like that better than Loaf of Bread. I mean he couldn’t even keep his car out long enough to avoid wrecking it in the first crash of the night during the Bud Shootout.

  6. hey you only need like 4500 more hits to make 100,000 before the green flag! We need to get you out there!

  7. i cant stand joey. i am a reed sorenson fan and here i am talking smack about joey. but uh he just ruffles my feathers. Yeah I think Gibbs made a mistake of putting joey in the car too early (btw: love the burnt toast lol)

  8. Don’t listen to the deadbeats. Hang in there and, with a little practice, you’ll be all right.

  9. He’ll be burnt toast and a pile of ashes by the middle of the season.

  10. hes gonna be scrap metal at the end of teh season tbh!:lol:

  11. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Hey, I call him burnt toast too… sometimes monkey toast…

  12. lol.. great minds think alike Checkerz..

  13. NOSaholic18 Says:

    eh, screw u guys! joeys a great driver! n CoTs arnt the best dam thing ta race in. he does good n arca n natnwide, up for wins. GO JOEY!! 20! (im done now….) btw joey qualifyed 3rd. (gues i wasnt) he dont seemd burnt ta me. . . . .

  14. he didnt qualify 3rd, he qualified 9th.

  15. NOSaholic18 Says:

    same thing!

  16. loganogirl Says:

    Joey’s awesome!!! He needs more track time with the “big boys”. Just remember peoplez he is still a rookie AND if you look at the Cup points right now you’ll see that Jey is 33rd and leading Scott Speed(the other rookie who people seem to like better cuz hez like 26 or 23 or somthin like that)!!! He has to make some minor adjustments. FYI: the Cup carz and the NW carz are different… He just needs some time ok so don’t go bashing on him yet! Let’s go JGR(more Joey and Denny than Kyle but some races he doesn’t wreck anyone… jk to all of ya Shrub fanz. Don;t get mad NOSaholic18!!) 🙂

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