NASCAR Daytona 500 Auto Racing


12 Responses to “controversy”

  1. He should of been black flagged for that.. the guy who did this on saturday got pentalized.. and he only took 1 car out..

  2. NOSaholic18 Says:

    pssst! it were jason leffler

  3. payback from tally 06 much?

  4. i think i’ll keep my un-nice comments to myself haha

  5. jimmie seys ” I did a cool 360 and kept going”
    😆 :roxs:

  6. Had Junior made the pass, it wouldn’t have counted anyway, and unlike Vile Kyle, at least Junior admitted it was his fault.

  7. Looks like payback from when Vickers wrecked Jr. and Jimmie to win that one year… just saying no need for Vickers to cry with Kyle.

    • ChasinCheckerz Says:

      Cept Jimmie got wrecked in both! His payback woulda been pocono 2007(“Tell the spotter of the 8 car that im a quarter second faster and if he doesn’t move out of the way I’ll turn him sideways…”)

  8. Ok anyone who says this is payback is dead wrong and ignorant…. If Jr wanted to pay him back then he would of done it a long time ago… not 2 1/2 years later.. and not in front of the entire field..Any driver who holds a grudge that long dosnt deserve to be in the sport.

  9. karma is.. well you know…

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