…and then



10 Responses to “…and then”

  1. nice one.

  2. Would you like some cheez wit dat whine 😛

  3. At least Junior admitted it was his fault. Unlike some other driver…..

  4. Get ’em, Kyle!

  5. Junoir did not fess up. He got out and starting cussing out and whinning about Brian Vickers and his “rough driving”.

  6. Aw come on, Junior always takes the blame. I’m so glad he stuck to his guns this time! There was no whining about it, just said it like it was! The other two took care of all the whiny a$$ crybaby stuff.

  7. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    As moch as I love Junior, he did not take the blame for it… until like a week after… they were all whiny and obnoxious. I think that it’s just stupid that two amazing cars chould be taken out of contention by two idiots a lap down. Yes, I just said Kyle had an amazing car… now let me wash my mouth out with soap. 😉

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