stay junebug

NASCAR Daytona 500 Auto Racing

Capshun by Corrine

Now here’s ur cookie, good boy.


4 Responses to “stay junebug”

  1. NOSaholic18 Says:

    thank god hes the good drivr that dont hit the gas wens u say “stay!”. (hex, ill toss another cookie in n maybe he wont jump the grn flag again…. [bristol]….) jk. ^^

  2. LOL!!!!

  3. Just the official holding his hand out like that reminded me of that production company from like the 80’s-90’s and when it showed the name the man said, “Sit, Boo-Boo sit, good dog.” It was either that or a caption saying, “Junior, I COMMAND you to stay!!!”

  4. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    … … … and thin he gets all miffed and starts a wreck and takes out the 2 beest cars… as much as i utterly loathe kyle, he and denny should have come in 1-2 at the finish.

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