give me back dat fillet-o-fish


 Im in ur head, singing dis silly song for the rest of the day! Muahahahhaaha!!



8 Responses to “give me back dat fillet-o-fish”

  1. kahneiac9 Says:

    the fish is going to eat his thumb! He’s hungry!

  2. I just got that song outta my head…thnx! 😀

  3. OMG! Best commercial ever made! besides the McNuggetts…

  4. Lol, I just heard that commercial on TV too!

  5. That commercial makes me shudder!

  6. raisedbyacat Says:

    BLARG! dat stoopid song!

  7. NOSaholic18 Says:

    ITZ STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!! (extreme delayd reaction)

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