we’z beatboxzin’


Capshun by J.R.

teh only thing funnier than the capshun is the THOUGHT of them really doin it! 😆


9 Responses to “we’z beatboxzin’”

  1. thats funny!

  2. Oh, man, that’s great!

  3. BouckaLovesKahne Says:

    OMG!!! I would have never thought of that. But it is almost perfect!

  4. lol Thanks guys. It just automatically came to me as soon as I saw it.

    I’ll send in more soon!

  5. BWAHAAHAHAHA good one!

  6. wicky wicky LOL

  7. w-w-w-werd. 😆

  8. IceCream_Guy Says:

    Chicka-Chicka what-what?

  9. […] Latur in the garage, they prolly get together with Kasey. […]

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