Due to overwhelming response

Ok, so I got quite a bit of flack from Kyle Busch fans over my last post and probably others that may have annoyed them. So I decided that I will abstain from posting any more pictures that portray Kyle in a bad light and will not post any others that might make him out to be the ‘bad boy’ of NASCAR. Please accept my apologies of portraying Kyle as a sore loser or any such name he might have been called recently due to his lack of sportsmanship. I have made a little slideshow to make up for this, please view.


14 Responses to “Due to overwhelming response”

  1. raisedbyacat Says:

    april fools FAIL

  2. Sonny D Says:


  3. BouckaLovesKahne Says:


    Please never stop making fun of Kyle Busch.
    It makes my day. [That and when you make adorable captions for Kasey and Junebug]

    Happy April Fools Day Darlin!

  4. i dont care, even states on home page “if you cant take a jab at your driver dont let teh door hit ya on the way out.”look, youll find it,

  5. Smoke Fan Says:

    That Made My Day !!! Keep it up !!

  6. I like it and I agree with 48jimmie48, it does say it!

  7. NOSaholic18 Says:

    yeah yeah. it does say it. but itz a lil old. evn if i wernt a rowdy busch fan.

    • nos, you have good sense of humor, dont let my anti-kyle days deter you from here ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ChasinCheckerz Says:

      We love ya, NOS, just not so much Kyle… akshully, he’s one of those guys we love to hate… and hate to love ๐Ÿ˜‰

      NASCAR would be nowhere near as entertaining without him

  8. crystal Says:

    hey if i was you i would keep posting that picture because it ain’t your fault kyle is a poor loser

  9. NOSaholic18 Says:

    wowz. nice slide show. i gues… lol

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