8 Responses to “R.I.P.”

  1. lmao!

  2. I feel bad for the team not being able to race, but maybe it’s time to just keep the 8 out of racing along with the 3.

  3. What a shame! A great # gone because of jealousy and selfishness!

  4. TheBWeezy Says:

    Umm…Why should this number be retired, or given a rest? No disrespect to Jr, I like the guy, but the reason he’s so identified with the 8 is because of Dale, Sr. Not because of anything Jr’s accomplished in the 8 car.

  5. To TheBWeezy
    I have to disagree with you there. Junior’s grandfather drove the 8 and that’s why Dale Jr chose that number. Dale Jr accomplished quite a bit in the #8, and it’s not just because of Dale Earnhardt. (Dale never took the suffix Sr either)

  6. The whole reason the #8 car is being shut down indefinitely. That means that they may run it in the future or if for some reason they can’t get a full time sponsor, then they will consider not using the number at all.

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