Ok rookie…


Capshun by Danielle

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11 Responses to “Ok rookie…”

  1. Haha I love how it seems like everyone bosses Joey around with this one and the one with Kyle telling him to go get him some Amp. That’s funny :p

  2. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Gotta love Denny! Bet he’s wishing he’d thought of doing that to Joey first!

    lol something tells me that that might actually happen…

  3. “Wait…what?!” That’s not an unusual expression from Burnt Toast, he looks like that even before some country superstar from some recording label that you’ve never heard of before in your life (most times) sings the National Anthem.

  4. loganogirl Says:

    I don’t think Joey gets pushed around by Denny as much as he does by Kyle but you never know…

  5. loganogirl Says:

    No… At least i’m not tryin’ to… It’s just, well, Kyle isn’t liked very much in my house NOSaholic18… But Joey and Kyle seem to get along really well so that’s all that really matters!(rit?)

  6. loganogirl Says:

    Thought so!!! 🙂

  7. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    hahaha you two are funny… None of the JGR boys are liked in my house at all (sliced bread is barely tolerated, and only until he pulls some genious rookie move and wipes out half the field…. Kyle, well, you can imagine… and Denny, who’s my second-fav, isn’t liked that much better…)
    Anyways, I think Denny’s had enough of the being pushed around *cough*Tony*cough* so he’ll take it easy on the rook. kyle, though…. lol

  8. LoveLoganoxoxoxoxo Says:

    I love this caption and the one with Kyle Busch too 🙂

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