brad, how many laps led?


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5 Responses to “brad, how many laps led?”

  1. Congrats to Brad for winning!!

    On another note, I was so glad to see Carl get out of his car after that crash. I think I almost had a heart attack watching that. Especially after watchin Matt Kenseth (my fave driver) during the Nationwide race. I was in tears twice this weekend. All I can say if kudos to NASCAR for making the cars so safe for the drivers.

  2. loganogirl Says:

    Way to Go Brad!!! Great job! You did wat u were suppose to do(he didn’t go under do yellow line cuz then he would hav been black flagged). What a finish! Iv never seen one like that before(then again this is only my fourth year of watchin it…)!!! Guess they don’t call it the big one for nothing! Glad to see Carl run across the finish line(I personally think he did that for his pride cuz he waz about 300 feet away from it). Glad to see Matt ok too! Man I LOVE NASCAR!!!!!

  3. Brad said it best. “This is NASCAR racing, and its still cool.”

  4. crystal Says:

    way to go brad

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