carls first flip


Unfrickenbelievable! Im glad he’s ok and hope the injured fans are OK. That was truely amazing.


He duzznt just make the “And they walked away” clip, he ran!!

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6 Responses to “carls first flip”

  1. “Well, it IS the Sprint Cup after all…”

  2. NOSaholic18 Says:

    atlest he gotta do his flipps……

  3. I read today that 6 of the 8 were treated and released with only minor bumps and bruises. The one had a small cut on her head and a possible broken jaw (ouch!!). The other in such shock that they started having chest pains. Those two were air-lifted to local hospitals, not because of the severity of their injuries but because of how long it would have taken them to get out of the speedway by ambulance.

  4. HEY! I just became your 100th follower on Twitter!!!! lol..

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