last week’s news

Heers 2 reader submitted LOLz. Sry ifn ur sick of seeing carl fly thru the air with the greatest of ease, but figured i’d post em while were still talkin about it, sorta.


Capshun by Alex


Capshun by William

Im glad no one was seriously hurt and i understand the seriousness of this situation, so pls dont call  me coldhearted for posting these on this seriously non-serious blog.


3 Responses to “last week’s news”

  1. Steele Says:

    LOL!! The Track Thought Carl Was Gordon because they only threw cans at Jeff, and Gordon is usually up front here.

  2. Lol, Lola, I think now it’s good to laugh at it, at the time it wasn’t because we weren’t sure whether Carl was ok or not.

  3. Sonny D Says:

    Lmfbo these two are hilarious!!! 110%

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