let us pray


 Capshun by Wendy

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16 Responses to “let us pray”

  1. tony14 Says:

    Free Zippy, Amen

  2. wtg Wendy!!!!!

  3. Sonny D Says:

    LOLz Great won!!!!

  4. Danielle Says:

    Ok I feel stupid now…but what about Zippy? :/

  5. Amanda Says:

    We should make “Free Zippy” t-shirts! 😀

  6. Sonny D Says:

    You guys are such good brainstormers lol

  7. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    and u can sell ur awesome voodoo dolls too 😉

  8. wtf? This isn’t the least bit funny at all. Just because he’s a rookie doesn’t mean he isn’t just as good as Tony. I don’t know why people have to hate on him for taking Tony’s place. I mean, it’s not like Tony isn’t in Nascar anymore so all of you guys should shut the fuck up.

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