wow, dat was the longest shortest 600 evar!

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4 Responses to “ZZzzZZzz…”

  1. Sonny D Says:

    haha COngrats to Reuti!! Awesome win 4 him

  2. MWR needed this.. Congrats.. and next week, there at my home and one of my favorite track!! btw, the new Miles The Monster Statute at the track was build like 10 minutes down the road from me!! Im about and hour and 15 minutes away from Dover.

    • Ya Steele, iz very good for MWR. An Reuti seems like a good guy, so iz good for him too.

      p.s. happy dover weekend too u, lets pray for some nice weather. This past weekend was painful, and i was just watching from home 🙄

  3. Steele, that’s cool. My sister went to college in Dover.

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