i can still haz job?


Capshun by Corrine<!–

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9 Responses to “i can still haz job?”

  1. I saw that picture and just could not stop myself. Lol

  2. yess, but as R&D guy, no 88 no more.

  3. Very true there Steele.

  4. I don’t see how missing your pit box numerous times along with other penalties is the Crew Chiefs fault. As much as I dislike Shrub, I’m gonna have to agree with him on his comments about this.

  5. Yeah, but notice that when Kyle screws up, it’s also never his fault either.

  6. because its always a tire.

  7. Ok, let me clarify that, it’s never his brain’s fault, it’s always something on the car.

    • Candace Says:

      i agree! i was saying that mockingly to the tv the weekend after he said that about jr. i was like “who’s fault is it dumbass? huh? huh?” yes i was bitter.

      and yes i was hyper..hehe.

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