if u dont let me win

All Star Auto Racing

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15 Responses to “if u dont let me win”

  1. “…then I’ll pout, climb out of my car, won’t let anyone talk to me, and stomp my way to my hauler, and cry some more.”

    • sad but true. that is one of the things he needs to work on.. oh and being nice to JR.. or not..

      • Oh, he doesn’t ‘have’ to be nice to Jr. Rivalry is good for a sport for sure and it seems Jr is doing just fine in this seemingly one-sided peeing match, but it would be nice to him to man-up when things don’t go his way. It’s getting a little old.

  2. 🙄 @ Corrine.

  3. Candace Says:

    *wahh wahh wahh boo hoo woe is me if i don’t finish first everyone needs to move out of my way so i can win always*

    haha i’m bored.

  4. What 48? Just expanding on how much of a baby he is.

  5. baby? HAHA! hes the most talented driver in the field right now. And, for the record, my 2nd favorite drvier.

    • I do agree he does have talent, I wouldn’t say the most talented driver (no championship to back that one up, unlike your 1st favorite driver) However, when a driver finishes wherever he did in the Nationwide series last week, gets out of his car and refuses to talk to anyone, that’s pretty sad. I know drivers hate to lose, but Kyle gets way too dramatic about it. Plus, he’s 24 years old, so yeah, he’s still a baby.

  6. LOL. How would you feel with tire problems for what, maybe… 4-5 weeks in a row in all 3 top NASCAR Series? ya, not to happy tbh.

  7. Sonny D Says:

    haha i like what Jeff said. “stfu” lolzz

  8. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! How could you say that, 48? Kyle?!?!?!
    I guess he and Jimmie are freinds, but seriously???

    I guess I’ll get over it eventually… though I have to say I finally found someone with a stranger fav driver combo than me… (jimmie and denny)

    And Kyle needs to learn to deal with problems… He can spend a day in his teammates shoes… or a season… Especially after Pocono. Kyle has it pretty good, and he still has the Cup race to redeem himself. Denny? not so much.

  9. u guys are assholes… Kyles not a baby and he doesnt cry… hes really passionate about being a race car driver.. he doest fucking race for 4 – 5 hours just finish in second place.. or bust his ass trying to get the lead at daytona then get taken out by fucking tony stewart then… oh wait… i almost forgot… tony didnt wreck him..kyle wrecked himeself. because he would do that. u fucking stupid americans! u guys are just jealous of his talent.. u all wish dale jr had that talent but wittle junebug cant even fucking get top 20 finish. smarten guys! get a fucking life!

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