durty mouf?

Race Action

Capshun by Raisedbyacat

New sponsor idea??


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11 Responses to “durty mouf?”

  1. Candace Says:

    bahahaha. does that mean no more cussing on the radio during the race? haha.

    oh..i just had an idea for a commmercial…heheh.

  2. Sonny D Says:

    teeheehee funny

  3. ~camera shows Dale Jr driving the 88~
    Dale Jr: @#@$
    ~Orbit girl appears it pit stall~
    Orbit girl: Fabulous! New AMP Energy Orbit gum cleans up even the dirtiest mouths.
    ~Cuts to Dale Jr in the car smiling~ *ping!*
    Orbit girl: A good clean feeling – no matter what

  4. Sonny D Says:

    LOL!!!!! thats a good one! you should tell like amp or orbit or something that is cool

  5. lol, wonder if either would go for it. Also wonder if either site has a suggestion box. Hey Lola, how do you make those lol’s with several pictures in them at once. I got me an idea!

  6. Sonny D Says:

    OOOhooo hooo i cant wait to see whats up corinne’s sleeve teeheehee

  7. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    I like those lols! Like the Jr and Denny icecream flinging contest 😀 I still wanna smack Shrub with icecream…

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