why they call u smoke?


Congratz on ur first points win Mr. Owner/Driver!

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11 Responses to “why they call u smoke?”

  1. Candace Says:

    woohoo! that will be the first of many!

  2. So happy for him, finally somebody different won a race!!

  3. yesm, this is exactly why we call you smoke.. and I do believe that if Jimmie dosnt win the championship this year (again) that Tony will.. but I still gotta root for Jeff..Until the time comes..

  4. Lol, I’ll forever be a member of Jr Nation, but Jr’s space is slowly being shared by Jimmie and Tony. (Plus I love the Stewart-Haas Racing logo, that 50’s-60’s style, awesome!!)

  5. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    candace- Second of many… I wouldn’t count out a million-dollar payday 😉

    Steele- There’s nothing wrong with Jimmie winning championships… just think how close he was to 4, or maybe even 5 in a row… (scary, right? mwahaha) I say Mark wins this year, Jeff next year, and then Jimmie can do 4 in a row 😉 Sorry, Cale.

    Corinne- I was the same way, but now Junior’s spot in my heart has been practically replaced with Jimmie, Denny, and Jeff. One thing after another, and I just started loosing respect for Jr… please don’t hurt me! But that logo is kick-butt awesome! (and it doesn’t hurt that Smoke owns a Lamborghini Murcielago-my ultimate dream car!)

    • Lol, I won’t hurt you, just don’t let massive amount of JR Nation know that! I got a Stewart-Haas Racing shirt and wore it with great pride yesterday!!

    • I didnt say there is nothing wrong with JJ winning championships.. I would be happy if he did seeing how he is my 2nd favorite driver.. but even I want to see someone else win for a change.. And I believe Mark will come up short..(no pun intended) like they said earlier in the season, Mark is one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR without a championship. and I think thats the way it will always be said… And I think if Jeff dosnt win this year, he is done..which I really hate to say that but the longest he went without winning a cup was 3 years. (1998-2001) and its already been 7. and plus his back problems. unless something big happens and he wins the next 3.. There is my imput. 🙂

      • ChasinCheckerz Says:

        c- one of my friends at school is a massive tony fanatic, but couldn’t stand the HMS boys… you can guess how THOSE conversations went! anyhow, with Smoke doing his new thing, he’s tolerated, accepted, and maybe even loved in my house, and my friend can now say the name “Jimmie Johnson” without gagging.

        s- haha it just came out that way i guess… for some reason people don’t like guys who win a lot… oh well! I’m not complaining 😉
        yeah yeah… poor mark and the short jokes… I still think it’d be cool if he could win one… sort of a last hurah.
        yeah… not looking so good for poor Jeffie… my lil bro (possibly Jeff’s biggest fan) is all for the conspiracy theories that Jeff was robbed half a dozen titles… maybe one, but that’s prolly it.
        you know, just watch him start winning everything in sight! wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  6. I hope this year ends like last year (not exactly w/ Jimmie winning, wouldn’t mind if he did) but like Steele said, with someone else winning. What I mean is, remember how close Carl and Jimmie were in the points at Homestead? That was exciting to watch.

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