so then i says

jrmartin copy

Capshun by Amy

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5 Responses to “so then i says”

  1. why would he want the number 1?

  2. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    … … …you missed the joke, steele…

    • probably, ive been missing alot latley. and not just on here, in my everyday life.. idk what it is but something isnt working right in my

  3. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    aw… that’s sad… I’m sorry… hey, we all have those days… some (like me) a lot more than most. Look on teh bright side- at least you function well enough occasionally to know when somethings not working! Like, Jimmie trying to figure out whats not working in the car versus, um, michael waltrip trying to troubleshoot a problem…
    Anyways, remember the big stink Teresa made when Jr asked for the 8?

  4. Jamerson Says:

    This made my day. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

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