Q. What’s better than winnin Sonoma?

A. Toastin wine with The King!


12 Responses to “cheerz!”

  1. kahneiac9 Says:

    MY MAN WON!!! WooT! 😀 what an awesome race 😀

  2. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    omg! love double-file shootout style at road courses!
    Congrats to Jimmie and Denny! Great job for those two!

  3. i hate the double file restarts cuz the people that are a lap down cant just race their way back on the lead lap they gotta wait for some dummy to wreck or something in order to get a caution to get their lap back. its retarded.
    and my philosophy: in reality Richard Petty ain’t back in victory lane until Reed Sorenson gets the #43 there. #43 is RP’s heart and soul and yeah he might own part of the team and his name is the team name, my opinion is he isnt in VL yet. and RP owns the #43 and #44. George Gillette owns the #9 and #19. Yeah its just my opinion and its long and yeah. I had to vent a little. You can disagree.

    • ChasinCheckerz Says:

      Okay, even if my guys are a lap or more down (which is very seldom, because if they aren’t leading they’ve wrecked) I don’t want them in the way of the leaders. Lap-down cars cause lots of problems. They took out the best 2 cars in the Daytona 500, they cost Denny yet another Richmond win (or at least the opportunity to salvage a good finish after a pit miscue) and if Jimmie or Denny or Jeff get lapped on the track, for one reason or another, maybe they shouldn’t be in victory lane at the end of the day.

      Well, Sorenson is never gonna win… he’s just not that stellar a driver (they shoulda tagged allmendinger for the 43). I second that part about his heart and soul being in the 43, but he’s moved on to the owner role now. Venting is welcomed, as long as its not against my guys, but for all intents and purposes, its his team, and it was a win. Does a win for Denny not count for JGR cuz JD owns the car? Or a Jimmie win is only really half a win for HMS? Its the team, not whose name is on the contract.

  4. Sonny D Says:

    ok let me put it this way.
    If a driver is good enough to win, he should be able to deal with lap down cars. Its as simple as that. If you cant get around em, then thats your fault.
    And really??? Tagging Allmendinger for the 43??? WOW! Just b4 Infineon Allmendinger was sitting 31st and Sorenson was 26th. yeah thats not a big difference but if the dude is supposedly wanted to be “tagged” to be in the 43 he should be higher than the 43 in the standings.
    If you havent noticed by now, I am a Reed Sorenson fan and it hurts when you say that Reed isnt a stellar driver and that he’ll never win. It’s not like AJ looks like he’s gonna win.
    and i didnt diss any of your drivers. but you dissed mine. =/

  5. Kids…don’t make me pull this car over…


  6. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Hehehe sorry, Lola, we’ll work this out.

    Okay, sorry to be stepping all over your fav driver (which I didn’t know, btw) I like Reed, too (obviously not my favorite, but I like to see him do well)… Okay, that sounded harsh, and I’m sorry. But I didn’t say that AJ was. Other than Reutimann and Brad K, the list of winners is the same select few: Kyle, JJ, Carl, Mark… The point I was trying to make was that the 43 will never again see the success that Richard Petty brought it, and that Kasey is probably the best driver on the team at this point in time. RP’s moved from driver to owner and if any of the RPM stable gets a win, its a win for RP too, regardless of the car.
    points standing has very little to do with anything other than a rough estimate of your average finish. I don’t like the point system anyhow, and I was maintaining my opinion from the start of the season.

  7. well ok even as a Reed fan i know he aint gonna bring the success that richard did. even to me thats a duh.
    some drivers are destined to be truck drivers. some are meant to be nationwide drivers and some select few are gonna be cup greats. yeah Reed prolly wont be one of those cup greats (and yes that saddens me to extreme measures) but he is going to win at least one race and everyone is going to remember it. whether it’d be neck and neck with Dale jr on the last lap at Daytona or bombing Jimmie’s dominant day at Reed’s hometrack by going for a fuel mileage gamble. whatever the scinerio, Reed is going to win and it will be fascinating. he is not going to leave cup without placing his mark on anything but being the youngest driver to win the pole at indianapolis motor speedway (which he still holds today from back in 07 at age 21). Maybe Reed is destined to be a Nationwide champion and nothing else. who knows?
    and you implied that AJ was going to win by putting him the 43 obviously cuz you know nobody wants a loser in the FAMOUS 43!! omg!. “hey if Reed cant win, lets stick AJ in the car. He can win” not yet he hasnt. I believe that Reed is better than AJ and Elliott and better than 27th in points. and yes i agree that Kasey is the best in the stable….for obvious reasons. im sorry if i mis-interpreted anything you said or if im just rambling for no reason but Reed is going to win at least one.

  8. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    oh, no doubt that he’ll win at least one race… but beatin JJ out on fuel mileage? actually… that’s pretty believable… cuz a certain driver of the 48 car does not know what the word “conserve” means. That’s a pretty remarkable feat, though… especially at the brickyard. Personally, I’ll vote for beatin Jr at Daytona 😉 But I’m ok with JJ loosin to a guy like Reed (much better than Kyle, anyhow hahaha)
    no no, its all cool… it’s my fault if i left anything vague or confusing… i’ve just been an AJ fan since he started… i like his personality loads, and he’s put together a few good runs in spite of all his bad luck, etc…

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