woo hoo i won!


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24 Responses to “woo hoo i won!”

  1. Sonny D Says:

    lmao!! what got me laughing was that he yelled for his mom.
    this was one messed up race. in my opinion.
    aw well onto daytona!! undur the lights!!!1

  2. Lol, they asked Joe Gibbs if they were gonna spray champagne, and he laughed and said, “I don’t think Joey even knows how to pop the cork, but no, none of that will be sprayed here today.”

  3. That guy behind Joey is like, “Hmmm, get me some melted butter, I’m gonna feast tonight!!!”

  4. Jeff Gordon won this race.. IDC what anyone says… If he would of had to race, like race car drivers have to do, Hints The Name “Race Car Driver” then he wouldnt of stood a chance against Gordon.. I’m not just saying this cause I dont like Joey, I’m saying it because A win because of rain is not a win..They should of ran the rest of the laps today..

  5. Any race ran over halfway is completed, whether stopped by rain or not. (NASCAR Rule) Zippy made the call to keep Joey out, which gave him the lead. Just like the race with David R. – it wasn’t in Joey’s control to have the rain start coming down when it did. Joey even said this wasn’t the way he wanted to win his first race, heck I think all of the drivers feel that way. Joey was in first when the rain started, the race was called, and that’s that. By the time Joey got to the garage for victory lane, the rain had stopped. NH doesn’t have lights, nor did Race Control see the point in trying to dry the track when they knew it was a lost cause. NASCAR can’t call every race to be continued the next day due to rain. That puts the teams behind a day in getting the haulers prepared to drive to the next race.

    • You think I dont know all that!? I DO!! And Yes, NASCAR could of called the race to be continued the next day and they should of.. If I had a ticket to that race, I would want to see all 301 laps run.. Its Bull Crap.. Every NASCAR track should be required to have lights, and every race should be given 2 chances to finish, The schdueled start, and if it rains then they should try again the next day. Thats That.. Its not that hard to do..

  6. Great site. We featured it on All Left Turns last week. Shoot me an e-mail (allleftturnsjoe@gmail.com) when you get a chance. I have a question for you.

  7. GO the whole #20 team Says:

    Joey won that race and your just looking down on him b/c he took it away from j.gordon. I agree with Corinne ok. Joey won that race by being lucky and Reuti won his race by being uck the only reason why your mad about Joey’s win (Steele) is because Jeff was the one who finished in second did you get as mean at Reuti as you did at Joey NO so Get over yourself Zippy made a fantastic call that propelled joey to his FIRST Sprint Cup win OK so get over it!!!!!! Joey and his whole team was great!!!!!

    • No I didnt get mad at David because he was actually running up front all day and then they called the race! Unlike Joey who wasnt even in the top 15.. They could of ran what was left of the race today. They did it a Lowe’s. Who cares if its past halfway, fans still pay money to see all the laps ran. And I DO always get mad when they call the race even when Jeff won cause of it in Pocono 2 years ago because I want to see a race not someone who “gets lucky”. And I dont have to get over it.. I am going to dwell on it till joey gets booted from the 20 for winning one race during his time at JGR. in about 3 more years.

      • Not sure if they could have finished it Monday. I heard it was still raining in NH on Monday afternoon.

        And yeah, Joey did get lucky, but so did Reutimann when he won and so did Kenseth when he won at Daytona. I hate rain shortened races, too. even if a driver I like wins. Joey did spin, and have two flat tires and had to pit under green, but he rallied back and was able to take the lead when it mattered. Yes, I would have loved to have seen the race finished, and Joey actually have to fight for that win, no doubt he wouldn’t have gotten it if the race had been finished, but a win is a win no matter how they get it.

        Congrats, Joey!

      • It’s not like Joey made his car just magically jump in front of Jeff’s there at the end. Joey ran in first for 10 laps before the caution flag flew. Race Control cares if it’s past halfway, and they’re the ones that call the shots. (but you probably knew that already too) 3 years is a long time to dwell on something as silly as who won a race due to rain. What would you do if it rained on that Monday too? Sorry to tell you (even though you also know this too) but the haulers can’t sit at the track for two or three days until the rain stopsm then run the race and hope to get back to Charlotte on time to prepare for the next race. The call for rain is much bigger than just getting to see a race finish. The whole team, not just the driver, are affected by sitting around for another day. (But once again, you knew that already)

        • ok, i never said to wait 3 days to finish a race due to rain.. I said they should give it ONE more chance to finish the next day.. and if it rains the next day, then call it.. and those drivers and teams have millions of dollars, if they get pissy because they have to rush around one week, then maybe they shouldnt be in the business.

          • I know you didn’t say that, I did, then remembered that they would reschedule the race to be run some other time. Bottom line is, Joey won, whether fans of other drivers like it or not. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  8. WHYsoSERIOUS48 Says:

    Kurt Busch was actually passing Jeff as the caution came out to end the race. So if they raced 10 more laps and Logano had pit and then they called the race, Kurt would’ve won; 2 years in a row

  9. Sonny D 43 Says:

    Steele, I agree with everything you are saying! Joke-gano didn’t race for that win and he was never even in contention. if the race had been restarted a lap or 2 later Joey would have ran out of fuel and then someone more deserving would’ve won the darn race! i hate how nascar just hands driver a win just cuz it rained. BOLONY!

  10. Steele, I can understand you’re being upset about it since you had tickets to the race. If you feel so strongly about the rule, why don’t you go down to Charlotte to the NASCAR HQ and tell them about it and how you feel the races should end if rain comes? If you don’t feel like doing that, then accept what happened and move on, and while you’re at it, read the disclaimer that Lola has posted to the right here.

  11. Sonny D 43 Says:

    the disclaimer has to do with the how the person reacts to a lol about their driver. not the discussion about a driveer and a race in the reespnses below it.

  12. Yeah, I thought about that after I submitted it and realized it had nothing to do with what we were talking about. Oops!

  13. had to put this comment up so it wouldnt be 20..lol.. 21 FTW!

  14. Wonder how much lobster meat that thing provides?

  15. TheShermanator Says:

    That is one BIG lobster o_O

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