loudon restart

loudonwreck copy

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8 Responses to “loudon restart”

  1. Sonny D 43 Says:


  2. Meredith Says:

    i absolutely love this. soooo funny

  3. I think that’s the best wreck I’ve seen at Loudon. Looked almost like a Dega or Daytona wreck, maybe even a Bristol wreck. Any news on Scott Speed, I heard he was rushed to the hospital.

  4. He took a bit to get out of his car when he hit the wall. Then I heard them say during the broadcast that he was rushed to the hospital. He looked ok when he finally did get out of the car. Maybe he was knocked out for a moment or two, not sure.

  5. LOL Kyle didn’t start that. someone *cough*88*cough spun their tires. the 1 moved low then back high, and kyle was juts doing his job trying to win.

  6. Yeah, and Dale admitted to it too, I heard him say he spun them over the scanner. I about fainted when Kyle said he was sorry for it too, funny sounds like he took partial blame for it. (Then again, Martin Truex Jr didn’t care if he said he was sorry or not.)

  7. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    lmao! Gotta love Denny, tho… course he won’t say anything bad about his teammate (lest he be brutally punished for it.)

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