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Ok, here’s the deal: I don’t post personal stuff on here much cuz, well, I’m not that interesting. BUT…I will share a little NASCAR related personal story regarding the 4th of July.

A year ago today, my daughter received a Make a Wish trip to meet a certain driver in Daytona. This driver was extremely nice to our whole family and it was a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience. During this meeting, said Driver had offered to autograph whatever we wanted. One of my items was dark and required a silver Sharpie for the job. This driver only had a black Sharpie, but being that I come prepared, I had a silver Sharpie in my bag. I let him use my Sharpie willingly, but I never expected that, well…he kept it. I was busy smiling and taking pictures and enjoying this extraordinary moment, but all the while thinking, he has my Sharpie dammit. Toward the end of our meet, hugs had been given and damn if he hadn’t not given me back my silver Sharpie. (It may be important to state here that I love all things office-product-like. I LOVE new paper, cool pens, dry erase markers, but  Sharpies, well, they are the end-all! Yeah, I’m simple that way.) So, I’m thinking, do I ask for the Sharpie back? Can I do that? I mean, this is the most popular driver in NASCAR. My daughter waited 18 months to meet him, endured unspeakable medical nightmares and has been through more physically than most adults. I am worried about a Sharpie??

In the end, I never did mention it. Sure, he can be the most popular driver on the circuit, but he’s just a petty thief to me 😉

Daytona Auto Racing

This is actually what it’s all about:





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18 Responses to “Personal post”

  1. NOSaholic18 Says:

    wow. that first pic made me lold. it r funneh!

  2. I honestly think I’d ask for it back! I’m the same way, I love pens, pencils, anything office product related. The silver sharpie rocks.

  3. At a time where I needed a reason to justify my Junior liking, well, here it is. Sure, he kept a sharpie, which is beyond uncool, but hey, he was nice enough to be awesome to you and your fam. I’d say that makes up for it.

  4. Candace Says:

    i’m sure he didn’t keep it on purpose….

    maybe if he read that he’d be like, oh shoot..and then buy you enough sharpies to last you the rest of your life..haha.

  5. TonyDontShave Says:

    Great story Lola!

  6. but he is holding a black sharpie..

  7. This makes total sense to me. Dale Sr. didn’t win until a make-a-wish girl gave him a penny for luck. He glues it to his dash and wins.
    Jr. has had nothing but bad luck since summer of last year. He’s cursed until you get your sharpie back.

    I hope your daughter is doing well.

  8. For the ICHC fans….
    Is LOLrus to bukkit as Lola is to Sharpie?

    O Noes, Jr be stealin mah Sharpee! 😉

  9. RacinFan Says:

    lmfao i would of sucker-puncked him in the face and got on top of him yellin “GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKIN SHARPIE YOU SHARPIE STEALER!!!!” ][_, ([]) ][_,

  10. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    I like that story… very touching… I’ll be sure to keep her (and your whole family) in my prayers…
    i’m probably a little more possessive of my sharpies than you, tho…
    i bring my sharpies to school to have everyone sign my yearbook… all 26. of course, they get borrowed, and i have to track them down… i count them, and i can tell you exactly what colors are missing… creeps my friends out.
    i keep a mini blue sharpie clipped to my credential holder, you know, in case i ever hunt down jimmie… i should prolly keep a silver one with me, too… all the better to sign that brickyard-raced-version car.

  11. LOL; i did the meet and greet thing with Junior too; i too had a dark blue photo album and came prepared with the silver sharpie; got mine back tho LOL; but i wouldnt of asked for sure that is just too funny; i am so glad i found you again; i stopped getting the emails and missed you dearly 🙂 Have a great day!

  12. hey what day did you go? like the date? cause i was at daytona on july 2nd to watch practice!

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