synchronized champagne chugging

tonyvldaytona copy

Nice werk 14 crew…Olympics 2012??

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11 Responses to “synchronized champagne chugging”

  1. boodog108 Says:

    Congrats, Smoke!! Good job!!

  2. Sonny D 43 Says:

    I will keep comments to oneself.

  3. They so deserve it. His crew did a great job this race.

  4. LOL great picture! Love the caption! Saw this race in person–still pumped about that finish! WTG Smoke-congrats!

  5. boodog108 Says:

    Ok, Audrey, now I’m jealous!!!

  6. Aw, sorry, didn’t mean to make anyone jealous–but it sure was FUN! I still have friends here, right? 🙂 SMOKE ROCKS!

  7. boodog108 Says:

    Absolutely! Anyone who can go to a live race is my friend (even though I be jealous!). I got to go to Darlington 6 times and TMS twice, so it’s not a BIG jealous! But it’s still a jealous!! Yep, my dream has always been Daytona or Talladega, so………..I’ll just put that out there! And yeah, darlin’ SMOKE ROCKS!!!!!

  8. TheShermanator Says:

    I has a sad. I didn’t get to go this year. 😦

    that finish was great though. would’ve loved to have been there. i bet the crowd was going insane when Kyle went for the wall. ha. good job by that whole 14 crew

  9. Here is a clip from the video that my brother got, yeah I’d say that the crowd got rowdy when Rowdy Busch crashed! (sorry couldn’t resist)

  10. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    awesome! that’s cool… i loved the two races i’ve been to… of course, its prolly cuz my jj won them both 😉

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