shrub be criticizin

NASCAR New Hampshire Auto Racing

Capshun by Linnea

Tic tac dood!

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4 Responses to “shrub be criticizin”

  1. lmao he totally stuck his foot in his mouth the other day when he talked about Daytona. This is what he said, taken straight from the news article. He was questioning whether drivers should be allowed to win if they cause an accident that lets them take the lead or if they bump someone, which gets that person loose, so they can take the lead. He said, “I think NASCAR can take step in looking at it, and if the second place driver bumps the leader, then black-flag (him). He doesn’t get the win.”

  2. Lol, well… yeah, that and the fact that he’s the one saying that and if they were to do that, it would bite him in the butt everytime. lol

  3. Wolfhound Says:

    This guy totes looks like Buster from the TV show Arrested Development! Seems about as mature, too.

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