no smoke,

BowyerCapshun by Louise

Seems we’ve opened up a whole new side to Tony. Maybe he got the name Smoke for a completely different reason…

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3 Responses to “no smoke,”

  1. But it really looks like he could use a smoking iron. His sponsor IS a bank, banks have not had a good year. So hey! Smoke I have a “MY Lil Steamer” if you dont like irons. 🙂

  2. boodog108 Says:

    I really hope Tony didn’t get the nickname for a different reason than we thought, I’ll have to rename my cat!

  3. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    you named ur cat smoke? hahaha
    my friend wants to name her next cat “denny” and i want to get a dog and name it “newman”… you know, like those gillete commercials?


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