exit, stage left

NASCAR Daytona Auto Racing

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5 Responses to “exit, stage left”

  1. It looks like a garbage disposal got ahold of the back end, then spit it out.

  2. It is so incredible to see him walk away(or run in his case)

  3. I know it is, wrecks like that or the one with Carl at Dega – those are the reason the COT was developed, makes me mad when they and/or fans complain about the COT. I always ask them if they’d like their favorite driver to stay alive when they are in a bad wreck. If they answer yes, I say, “Then quit complaining about the COT, it was developed so they’ll stay alive.”

  4. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    amen to that! I’ll be the first to second tony’s “flying brick” comments, but I much rather see, even Kyle, walk/run away from a wreck to race another day.

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