emotions are running high

jeffnjjCapshun by Jesse

Controversy insues in 3..2..1…


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11 Responses to “emotions are running high”

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! lol

  2. Jeff and Jimmie
    Sittin’ in a tree…

  3. as Jeff and Jimmie being my 2 favorite drivers. i must say, Jesse, we are not friends.. -_-

  4. Dang, I guess we aren’t then. KYLE BUSCH AND KASEY KAHNE FOREVER! BWHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  5. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Kyle and Kasey? That’s just as weird and misguided as my Jimmie and Denny… ok whatever…
    I second that ewww…
    Do their wives know?

  6. NOSaholic18 Says:

    HA! i knew it! has anyone here watch jeff gordon theatre on rowdy.com? this reminds me of an episode… sorry. *ahem* EWWWW!

  7. kahneiac9 Says:

    i still contend their wives are just a cover up. get a sense of humor people.

  8. NOSaholic18 Says:

    nah, it is funneh. i mean they is such close buds over at HM. it made mah day. i lold

  9. i dont care if people are just joking about Jeff being gay, but it really pisses me off because they dont even know what or who started the whole thing.. and they take it to a whole diffrent level..

  10. I do agree that it goes too far sometimes, esp. considering that both are married and love their wives very very much. However Steele, I think that if Lola felt it was going too far, she wouldn’t have posted it. The disclaimer say: “Oh, by the way…In case it wasn’t apparent, this IS a HUMOR site. The posts are made for enjoyment. Everyone is a target, as long as it’s not overly cruel or libelous.”

    • For the record: I don’t really think either one of them is gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) I just LOL’d at the way this one was made. Sorry if you think its a bit sophomoric, but we can all be 12 every so often 😛

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