tidal wave

NASCAR Pocono Auto Racing

Congrats Denneh

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23 Responses to “tidal wave”

  1. he made me cryyyyyyy like a babbbbyyyy!

  2. Danielle Says:

    awe I totally cried. it was so sad

  3. He totally deserved that win. I work with a girl that went to high school with him. No lie!! She showed me her yearbook and there he was!

  4. NOSaholic18 Says:

    i has no idea why yallz crying cuz he won but yay denneh!

  5. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Man, he needed this win… I got a little choked up too…

    gee, nos, just because some of us are able to show emotion… lol i’m messin with ya.

    I think what I was most proud of was his ability to fight his way back to the front (even though there were a few casualties…)

    I was texting my best friend the whole race… she’s a newly converted NASCAR fan, and Denny’s her favorite… Pretty cool that the first race I manage to talk her in to wathcing in its entirety was dominated by the 11 team… anyway, we were both as soggy as Pocono was on Sunday by the end of it all…

  6. NOS, didn’t you see how emotional he was before and after he got out of the car? I’m sure you heard it, but he lost his grandmother last week. Denny’s grandmother was his biggest fan, the newspaper said (and I’m guessing he said this in the press conference) that every Sunday she would put on her #11 socks, hold a #11 teddy bear that Denny gave her, and watch him race. Even if it meant her squinting to see the TV in her later years, she would do it.

  7. I will say, that’s the best race at Pocono I’ve seen in a long time, there were guy 3 wide, even 4 wide at times. Dang, why couldn’t it have been that exciting when I went to the August race last year?

  8. NOSaholic18 Says:

    i didnt get to catch it… not like tivo helped…

  9. I cried. I admit it. I hate seeing a guy cry — gets me everytime.

  10. loganogirl Says:

    I creid soooo much wen he won!!! i can sympatyze with him rit now… my grandpa passed away a few months ago and he ment alot to me.i hope dennyz dion ok! but man! he sure dominated the race! i was so happy he won! hes my 2nd favorite driver(next to Joey of course!)!i hope he does well! hopefully either he or mark can stop jimmie form winning another cup. if he wins there must be sumthin up. it gets boring after a while to see the same guy winning over and over again… except for Joey, Denny, or Jr! i sure am hypacritical…..

  11. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    loganogirl- Denny’s my second favorite too… but second to Jimmie, like at M’ville :D… I guess if I had to pick someone to be JJ’s kryptonite come the chase and (possibly) beat him out for the title it’d have to be Denny (though Mark is a close second ;))

    However, I’m still trying to get over Tony wrecking Denny at the Firecracker 400 in 2007… Smokoe is starting to grow on me, a little, but not like take-the-trophy-away-from-Jimmie status… sorry audrey.

    • ‘s allright, loganogirl. Smoke became an instant favorite of mine thanks to my son! We also got to meet him back in November (he spent a good 15 minutes talking to my son, who’s autistic) So here I am a fan for life and cheering his 1st year team all the way to championship! I’m sure you can see why. But, we all have our favorites…GO SMOKE!!

    • loganogirl Says:

      ugh! i was mad at Jimmie for bumping Denny out of the way!!! i was mad for dayz!!! but we all hav our favs so its all good. nothn like sum friendly compition… 🙂

  12. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Haha Audrey… you win for having a good story… but Smoke, on the other hand… hehehe Jimmie’s gonna get him 😛 lolz what’s a little friendly competition? Like Dover earlier this year… wasn’t that a good finish?
    Of course, I will forever be indebted to Smoke for “dumping” Kyle at Daytona… lmbo sometimes the Shrub needs a good kick in the pants… or rear bumper… either way! So that (almost) cancels out the little incident 2 years earlier… 😉

    • Yeah, I saw the Daytona race live-what a finish! The screams of approval were deafening! That was the first race we went to and my fave guy won-in dramatic fashion! My son was pumping his fists in the air–it was awesome! I’m sticking with my Smoke to the end, a little friendly competition on the way to the championship doesn’t hurt at all,unless of course you’re Jimmie coming in second! 😉

  13. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Hahaha well at my first race Jimmie dominated and won… in 10 lap segments… but the next race Jimmie dominated and lapped about half the field and won… in the same car 😆

    Oh, is that right… we will just have to see then! May the best man win. (hahaha watch Denny steal it out from under their noses)

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