Rain, rain

Q: What do these facts mean?

  • There were several days in a row with clear weather, but now it’s rained for 3 days straight.
  • Personal schedules have been rearranged.
  • Money has exchanged hands.
  • After tonight, there is no rain expected for the next 5 days.

What could all this possibly mean?

A: NASCAR is in town. 🙄 and I have tickets. 🙄

Are we being punished for something?


10 Responses to “Rain, rain”

  1. boodog108 Says:

    Yep, I do believe it’s Nascar. The Racing Gods are sometimes against us! Nearly happened to me the first two times I went to Darlington (1200 miles from where I live!).

  2. i know how u feel, we to the prelude rain and got reset for Sept 9 lets pray no rain happens this time

  3. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    I’m sorry…
    Maybe I should go to more races, then… because when we went to Indy, it had been raining for a week before, stopped for the races, and then resumed later that week… 🙂
    I’m just hoping its not raining in California on October 11…

  4. oh well, It looks to be another test of the rain tire this weekend.

    Have a good time at the race, if you can.

  5. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    for the montreal race, yeah, they’re doing a rain tire… if that’s the one you’re going to…

  6. boodog108 Says:

    And so sorry shrub won, too……….

    • Yeah, that was kind of unfortunate. But it was fun even if there was only like 12 trucks on the lead lap at the end 😕 Its fun to people watch and NASCAR fans are the best to watch. So passionate about loving their driver or “hating” the others. The friendly jabs back and forth of the fans wearing opposing driver’s swag. It was also amusing watching the guy couple rows in front of my flip Kyle off every time he went by us…lol. That’s passion.

      • I saw the same guy (or at least a guy doing the exact same thing) at Charlotte last year. He would also wave his 88 hat a Jr. every time he went by. If they were close together he would do them at the same time.

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