tony you made me

whopperCaphsun by Jake

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11 Responses to “tony you made me”

  1. LMAO that just made my shitty night at work a little better 😀

  2. LOL What a race! I’ll never forget that finish!

  3. What makes this even funny is that earlier that night in the race Tony said on his radio he dropped the whopper after Darrian asked him how his whopper was, after the commerical aired. Too funny good one LOL

  4. Did anyone hear Tony when he sang on the radio? That was hilarious! It was totally quiet, Tony was leading I think and all of sudden you could hear him start singing “oh lay, oh lay-oh lay” I love listening to Dale Jr’s scanner during a race. Like last week, both Lance McGrew and his spotter were telling him there was “weather” coming. I heard Dale say, “Could you two be a little more detailed than that?” My Mom said, “Yeah, because there’s always weather.”

  5. Yeah, actually, now that you say that, I think it was. I just saw it on a special that one of the news networks (CNN, MSNBC) had. They were talking to the CEO or some big-wig from Office Depot about why they chose Tony, and they guy mentioned him singing over the radio.

    • He actually has done it a couple of times this year the singing and after I have that in my head its too funny. He has had some funny things on the radio this year that I just have LOL about

  6. i lol’d way 2 hard at this the day it was posed. i lol’d even harder the next day. a week later, im still lol’ing….

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