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congratz kasey!

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12 Responses to “ole`”

  1. That’s my boy ❤

  2. So happy Kahne got himself another win!

  3. anyone know what time this race ended?? i was watching it, fell asleep, woke up at the last caution and was half in it to see kasey win.. but dont know what time it was..lol.

  4. yeah… it was about 11:40!!

  5. one of the best nights and best birthday weekends ever!

    i found out im going to be an aunt for the second time, kasey wins, i turn 24! fun times…

    he won on my birthday in 2007! 🙂

  6. IceCream_Guy82 Says:

    Kasey…..why didn’t you take off your gloves????

  7. Maybe he felt like a cowboy and wanted to keep them on to get the full effect.

  8. atlanta was awesome…but this boy belongs in dodge, not ford.

  9. IceCream_Guy82 Says:

    It’s gonna be hard rooting for a manufacturer that I hate…..and it’s gonna be even harder seeing that number on the side of a Ford. 😥

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